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Russian Roulette - alerta de gatilho (aham, piada intencional hehe)

Russian Roulette - alerta de gatilho (aham, piada intencional hehe)
Miguel Moreno Espanha
dez. 14 - 1 min de leitura

It’s told insanity is to do the same thing expecting different results

To that, one must ponder, are we all but lunatics?

Perhaps i am. 

Desperately seeking something worthy 

Waking up morning after morning hoping life to bloon out of nowhere 

laying down every night afraid of a future that may never come true

I Found myself alone and overburdened. 

Losing time in this new attempt 

but i already lost count of how many “soon-to-be-happy-lifes” i tried

just to all end the same in a hospital bed, 

hatching another futile hope.

Hope to finally live for once, 

however, i keep dying again and again wondering, 

Am I part of a cosmic continuum or just dust?

I hope to be dust, then i would not be a total waste.

For this is our one-shot of existence, and I'm running out of ammo.

How do I keep the resolve to carry on?

Because I already pulled the trigger once.

I’m insane if I try again?

Arte:  Head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette -  Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)

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